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  Nick Roes
is an artist and author of 12 published books and hundreds of articles. He has been a guest on many television and radio programs, including "Good Morning, America" and "Donahue".

Nick’s artwork has been used to raise money for public radio as well as not-for-profit theatre groups. Each black and white drawing captures a unique aspect of the human experience, and Nick’s color work offers an ambiguity that invites viewers to learn more about themselves. His minimalist style expresses and evokes an amazingly wide range of emotion with a very small number of lines. His work is prized by collectors because no two pieces are even remotely similar.

Nick lives and works in Sullivan County, New York, where he is a member of the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance and Barryville Area Arts Association. For more information about Nick and his work, visit
Nick's Web Site

Artist Statement: “The creative process, for me, is one of discovery. I’ve never been inspired by a vision of the finished product—only by the sheer joy of creation. The end result is always one I never could have imagined.”

Robert Wittig
I'm situated on Saint Georges Court, a small residential street hidden away in an un-named Chicago neighbourhood. Sandwiched between Wicker Park, Bucktown, and Logan Square, Wittig Fine Art is not a typical 'Gallery Scene' establishment. It is my residence and studio, with two rooms on the main floor acting as my showroom and office, for meeting with clients by appointment, and showing my work.

In addition to my own work, I also offer paintings, drawings and other art objects, antiques, collectibles, and various objects of interest as well. I do not sell other people's work or possessions on consignment. Instead, I purchase artwork and objects outright. If it is not something I would be happy owning, and living with myself, I have no interest in trying to sell it to anyone else.

Because Wittig Fine Art is a one-man operation, and combines living, working and exhibition space into a single brick and mortar location, which also is home to a virtual, on-line location, I am able to present artwork for sale at lower prices, compared to what most galleries must charge.

This is a good thing! For more information visit my web site: CLICK HERE

Ernest Llynn Lotecka
received art education early in Philadelphia at Smedley School, St. Bartholomew’s Academy and the Museum of Art. His work has been shown in California at the San Dieguito Artists Alliance, Carlsbad-Oceanside Art League, Encinitas City Hall, San Diego Art institute and San Diego County Fair. He has an extensive career as development psychologist with abiding interest in the continuum of physical, psychosocial and spiritual arts. For samples Click Here

This art has been influenced by perceptions of beauty in coastal interactions of water, sand, plants, sky and people. “My perspective is naturalist and Taoist: direct perception and expression of simple forms. The presentations attempt to convey basic truths in flowing combination of diversities. Maybe a spiritual transcendence is experienced from the usual material world.” A blend of media include photographic and digital images with variations of gels, paints and powders.

Ann James Massey
A passion for detail and a deep admiration for the 17th Century Dutch Painters have guided International award winning artist, Ann James Massey toward a mastery of realism.

Since 1970, she has created images through twenty to forty layers of wax pencil, achieving depth and detail not possible with charcoal or graphite. These intricate drawings have won awards and received recognition starting from her initial art competition in 1972.

In 1990, Massey began complementing her precise drawings with equally detailed paintings that have followed the same award winning path. The works are created with five to nine layers of oil on mahogany boards utilizing the Dutch masters' techniques she learned at the Schuler School of Fine Art in Baltimore.

Since opening her first gallery in 1974, The Montwood Gallery in El Paso, Texas, Massey has taught private drawing lessons and workshops. Through her second gallery, Massey Fine Arts in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, she created and judged two national competitions, Masters of Colored Pencil (the first national exhibition devoted exclusively to colored pencil) and Realism Up Close (a small works exhibition). However, the success and demands of the gallery allowed her no freedom to create her own art. In 1994, she closed the gallery and moved to Paris, France in order to devote more time to her art career, growth and opportunities. After her arrival in Paris, Massey has been fascinated with Europe's marriage of history and moderism. That influence is often reflected in her subject matter that juxtaposes past and present.

Ann no longer teaches private lessons, though she still gives private consultations or critiques, occasional workshops, demonstrations and lectures. She divides her time between Europe and the USA, creating her artwork and continuing to participate and win awards in national and international art exhibitions.

For more information Click Here

Jeni Bate
Artist Statement: "I paint the skies with peace and passion because that's the way they paint me."

The aim of my artwork is to create joy in a world of stress. My emphasis is on the sky and the beauty it can create at the edges of the day. Most people will enjoy a beautiful sunset, and, those who rise early enough, a beautiful dawn. Whatever else is going on, we can all stop and look at the sunset for a few seconds and think, "Wow, that is beautiful."

Aside from my paintings that come from my own inspiration, it is always a joy to be able to use my skills to make the ideas of another come to life. I do commissions from photographs or ideas, and have even painted the words of a song.

For more information on Jeni and her work Click Here

Erin Davis
Shown here is "The Child". Erin is new to Mensa and describes herself as an 8 to 5er who works mostly in pencil. She'd like to network with other artists. For more samples of her work CLICK HERE.

You may contact Erin by e-mail.

Click picture to ZOOMArt Applegate
Art's art form is photography, and he's looking forward to sharing it with other Mensans. To see some of his favorite photos Click Here

Kalpanik S.
Kalpanik S. is an author/artist/ philosopher who lives somewhere in US. He was born in India and came to USA on a fellowship offered to him by University of California to do graduate studies and research in Computer Science/ Artificial Intelligence. He went on to work in Silicon Valley and Seattle where he has served in senior and executive management positions at several technology companies such as Oracle and

Kalpanik’s preferred art form is batik, a wax-resist dyeing technique used on textile. Batik is popular in South Asian countries such as India and Indonesia. Traditional colours include indigo, dark brown and white, which represent the three major Hindu Gods.

Kalpanik S. has also authored several books, including his hilarious memoirs “Artificial Imagination” describing his journey as an immigrant technologist through the Hi-Tech west coast corridor of California and Washington.

For more samples of his work Click Here

Kathleen Gurry Cotter
Kathleen has a B.A. in Fine Arts Studio Painting from the University of South Florida, where she graduated with honors. Her exhibits include the National Museum of Women in the Arts, The Cultural Resources Council juried exhibit in Syracuse, New York, the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, a one person show at the Burton Memorial Library, and at the Tampa Tribune office. Kathleen is affiliated with the East Hillsborough Art Guild and the Women's Museum of Art in Florida.

"Fine Art is a treasure hunt for beauty, truth, and ideas. My emphasis is on visual stimulation. I choose to work in reality in order to create pieces that will reach the largest possible arena of viewers. The intention of turning a reality into a work of art is my challenge which includes all the plastic elements of painting. Color, texture, and brush stroke are important to enrich the painting. To me, art is most beautiful when it attempts to stretch the boundaries of human thought in a direction that searches for the advancement of humanity."

For samples of Kathleen's work Click Here

Keith G. Cochran
Keith draws, paints, sings, and plays both guitar and saxophone. He goes by the nom de plume of Riff Raff, and dates his creations with Roman Numerals.

“I enjoy writing music and creating paintings that are just from my ideas. I do have a few still life pictures where I used actual objects, but the paintings I like best are just completely made up.”

For more information on Keith and his work Click Here

Danny Morgan
Danny is an artist who makes large format prints. For more info on him and his work contact

Doug Fitzgerald
Doug works in colored pencil. For samples of his work Click Here.
You may contact Doug at

Tracy Valleau
Tracy is a fine-art photographer whose work has been published in "Outdoor Photographer," "Panorama," "Best of California," and "Windows of the World" (among others). For more info, Click Here to visit his websites.

Robert Barrows
Robert is an sculptor, author, and inventor. For more information on his work, visit his website by clicking here.

Annette Robyns
Annette is a painter, silversmith, printmaker, ceramist, sculptor, actor, and teacher. To visit her web site Click Here

Annette Hassell
Annette is a painter and illustrator who moved back to New Orleans from LA to contribute something to the recovery after Katrina.

To visit her web site Click Here

Linda Hensley
Linda is an award winning commercial artist who creates advertising, patterns, packaging, and ceramics. Her designs have been used successfully by more than 100 companies.

To visit her web site Click Here

John Firestone
John keeps an art blog for the city of Harrisburg, PA. It's at

His own web site is

Helen Morrigan
Helen is a painter and photographer who also authors articles to help those who visit museums and galleries.

Her web site is

Jay Albrecht

Jay has written poetry for 50 years. He also creates mobiles, stables, collages, and sculpture, which he has done for 30 years.

To contact Jay, e-mail him at

Isabella Taylor
Born in 2001, Isabella is the youngest member of Mensa's Art Lovers' SIG.

To see her latest work, Click Here to visit her web site.

Michael Fleischmann
Michael has a background in photography, animation, design and television graphics. He likes to spend his spare time (and time when he should be sleeping) at Christie's auction house in New York.

For some additional samples of his work Click Here

You may reach him at

Jennie Barrese
Jennie is a fine arts photographer. Though classically trained, she embraces all forms of digital advances.

For more information and additional samples of her work, visit

Demaris Brower-Douglas
Demaris works in hand-made jewelry.

To visit her web site Click Here

Brenda Moss
"As an artist I’ve always been fascinated by color, light, and texture. I find the immediacy of water-based paints and collage applications best meet my need to translate my perceptions of these to paper or canvas."

To visit her web site Click Here

Karen J. Orlin
Karen's an art lover who is also a practicing attorney.

You may contact her at

Kyle Oddson
Kyle Oddson is a photographer and video director based in Portland, Oregon. Professionally trained at Speos Photographic Institute, Paris, he initially focused on fashion photography before dedicating himself to shooting musicians.

His work can be seen at

Melanie Deal
Melanie is drawn to grids, tessellations, and repeated shapes. Because patterns tend to be orderly and predictable, she likes to add unexpected elements for humorous or ironic effect.

Her work is influenced by a lifelong love of comic books, paper dolls, gumball-machine trinkets, board games, television, literature, and music.

For more information, visit her web site at

Or write her at

Nancy Park
"My style is Magic Realism -- a reality so real it fuses scientific, physical reality and psychological human reality, with its thoughts, dreams, and imaginings. My paintings are a product of my yearning to stretch my horizons, to reproduce the magic I see for others."

For more info visit her web site at

P J Miller

PJ creates fibers and textiles of many sorts, and has recently added fused and lampworked glass to her studio.

She loves and collects all sorts of art. You can reach her by e-mail at

Barbara Rogers
Barbara is fluent in traditional European painting techniques and the principles of drawing perspective and composition. She works in oils, colored pencil, and pastels.

To visit her web site Click Here

Matthew Levison

Matthew is an art lover who'd like to network with other art lovers.

His e-mail is

Sandra Belyea
Sandy's focus of expression is the human body. Her favorite medium is soft vine charcoal, but she also works in colored pencil and watercolor.

For additional samples of her work, Click Here

You may contact Sandra at

Alberto E. Shults
Alberto's Artist Statement: “Having grown up on a working ranch I am a big admirer of nature. The colors, the shapes, the smell, and the textures that can be found at all levels of nature always inspire me. I am also very inspired by technology. What humans have done whether for good or bad always inspires me. My work reflects this, with its organic shapes and use of non-traditional materials. I enjoy the design aspects, the smell and texture of the materials, and the process of shaping the material.”

For additional samples of his work Click Here

Linda Faigen
Linda paints, designs and builds stained glass windows, does bead weaving and needlework. She began making jewelry and hair sticks in 2007 and has more recently begun making jeweled wands.

For more information on her work visit

Sandra Wellborn
Sandra lives in Fort Worth, Texas, and has always been an avid art lover and collector. Her "eye" of photography is a personal art form she loves to share.

To see some of her work visit Royalty Free Graphics

Sharon K. Scanlin
Sharon is a semi-retired freelance graphic designer who paints for the joy of it. Her graphic arts career included most aspects of print production, including prepress, graphic design, systems configuration, training, and consultation.

Sharon is looking forward to networking with the members of Mensa Art Lover SIG and sharing experiences. You may contact her at

To see some samples of her work Click Here

Diane Montrose
Diane is an artist working out of Fort Lauderdale. She works in mixed media.

You may contact her at

James Webber
After a careers in urban planning and computer programming and web design, Jim is retired and following his original passions for art and film.

For more information, visit Jim's Blog

Mitchell Freeman
Mitchell is a representative artist and a signature member of the Georgia Water Color Society who doesn't follow art movements or use any one art style. He does mostly commissions.

CLICK HERE to visit his web site.

Laurel Woodard
Laurel lives in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and does broken-plate mosaics.

To view samples of her work Click Here

You may contact her at

Kevin Miller
Kevin is a self-taught artist from Georgetowhn, Ohio. While working one day as an environmental consultant, he did a sketch of two saw-whet owls, and the rest is history.

You may visit his web site at

John McAuliffe
John enjoys puttering around in his basement with some sculpting. At left is a small piece he did in soapstone.

To contact John, e-mail him at

Dorothy D. Miller

Dorothy has done over two hundred works of art, many of them portraits of her nine children. She has also done many landscapes and still life paintings.

Dorothy may be reached by phone at 434-823-4986, by email at, or by writing to her at 1741 Albemarle Pippin Ct., Crozet, Va. 22932.

Caroline Medina
Caroline decided to become an artist when she entered kindergarten and discovered easels and paints. Since then she's branhed out into many other mediums, including print-making, fresco, oil, sculpture, and collage.

You may contact her by e-mail at

Ronald L. McDonald

Ronald has been an artist (acrylic and mixed media), musician (percussionist / drummer), poet and author. Instead of painting himself, he now mainly collects 15th to 19th Century European art, and Art Deco (Bronzes and Art) instead of painting himself .

You may e-mail Ronald at

Sara Youngman
Sara's medium is drypoint. Her designs have been likened to free form poetry.

For more information about Sara and her work Click Here

Barbara M. Henderson
Barbara has developed a unique style using acrylics that blends realism with abstract expressionism; she also works with watercolor and oils with more traditional subjects.

To visit her web site Click Here

Paul M. Payton
Paul produces Pixtile(R) algorithmic art, tile art created using his own custom computer software.

You may contact him at

For more samples of his work Click Here

Judy Newman

Judy is active in the greater New Orleans Visual Arts.

You may e-mail her at

Brett Radlicki
Brett is an illustrator and branding specialist who lives in Southwest Michigan.

For more about him and his work, check out his web site at

J. Theodore Johnson, Jr.
Art is a family affair for Ted, who is a Professor Emeritus and Marcel Proust Scholar. He is the son of a professional painter, and both his daughter, Anne, and son, Stephen are deeply involved in the arts.

For more information visit

Lucy Wightman
For Lucy, a terrible tragedy unleashed her artistic impulses. Days before her 16 year old daughter died in an automobile accident, she drew a self-portrait and experienced a re-birth.

She continues to paint and photograph in an effort to more fully embrace life.

For more about her click here

Linda Paterson Pollen
Linda has a deep passion for the beauty and complexity of nature. She enjoys experimenting with varied compositional ideas and unusual color compositions to strengthen her personal approach to the subject.

For more information about Linda, including samples of her work, visit her web site CLICK HERE

Nancy Moyer
Nancy is best known for her studio jewelry work, but she expresses ideas and concepts in a variety of media. Although primarily a metalsmith, she often shifts into larger formats in order to accomodate more aggressive visual solutions to social and intellectual perceptions.

For more information and samples of her work, Click Here

Dale Woolridge
Dale is inspired by late Victorian oil realists like Waterhouse and Alma-Tadema, as well as by haute fashion illustrators like Rene Gruau and David Downton.

To visit his web site Click Here

Cynthia Perkins
Cynthia's paintings are visual representations of every obscure and idiosyncratic detail of her life.

To check out her web site Click Here

Click picture to ZOOMMandy Buckner
Mandy's specialty is handmade glass giftware. She specializes in flame worked and kiln worked glass including glass oil lamps, glass pendant necklaces and beaded bracelets, glass candleholders, pen and pencil sets, glass key chains and handmade glass Christmas ornaments.

To visit her web site Click Here

Brian Bays
Brian is working toward his BFA in Painting at U of NC at Greensboro. He one day aspires to join the company of Filippo Lippi and Bosch. You can contact him at or 336-420-5476. Check out samples of his work HERE

Yolanda M. Martin
Yolanda is a painter and digital photographer who believes that art is the language of the soul. To visit her web site Click Here

Shoshana Kertesz



Shoshana is from Budapest, and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. She paints mostly portraits, musical, and biblical themes. To visit her web site Click Here

Trenton Bush


Trenton is a graduate of the McCombs School of Business, and hopes to pursue a law degree soon. He has a passion for the work of Caspar David Friedrich. "There is a power to his work that is hard to find and equally hard to define". You can e-mail Trenton at

Lukas Hughes de Saint-Clair
Lukas is a prolific, award winning, primarily self-taught writer, image maker, art educator, performing artist and visionary.

He 's famous for his large scale, narrative, mixed media visual artworks, as well as his creative non-fiction and children's books.

For more information Click Here

Theresa Racz

 Theresa "Tree" Racz is an artist who works in the design industry and also writes short stories.

Check them out HERE

Vic Lewis


Vic is a self-taught artist who uses acrylics to depict real or imagined scenes, as the spirit moves him. His style is a blend of impressionism and realism that seeks to pull the viewer into the work. To see more of his work, CLICK HERE

Louanne Duckworth

Louanne uses minerals, fossils, carvings and semi-precious stones as the focal point in her original and unusual necklaces. To see some of her creations, Click Here

Click picture to ZOOMPatricia H. Markovich



Patricia has been an exhibiting artist for more than 30 years. For further info, e-mail her at

Guy Messenger


Guy is heir to the legacy of his artist mom, Dorothy Messenger. Her illustrations and cover designs were featured in many books including "Till We Have Faces" by C.S. Lewis, and "Sandals for Jesus" by Ellen Kirkwood. For more on her artwork CLICK HERE

Silvie Kendall


Silvie incorporates aspects of abstract and cubist styles to create vivid images of science, nature, and the psyche. For samples of her work CLICK HERE

Click picture to ZOOMSarah Kobezak
Sarah is a third generation artist who specializes in memorial portraits. For more information visit her web site.

Bill Ballard
Bill is a writer and artist. His painting is “an impulse—the colors of emotion”. He has an art blog at and a web site,

Will Tait
Will Tait loves drawing, especially with a combination of graphite pencils and metal point.

Check out his web site here.

Lisbeth L. McCarty
Lisbeth is a published author, photographer, and artist. She especially loves primitive art and digital art.

You may contact her at

Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos

Marija was born in Belgrade/ Serbia in 1976 where she graduated at the University of Fine Arts in 2001 as a Sculptor. Since 2004 she lives in Chicago with her husband, where she is working in art studio as a fine artist and as a graphic and web designer, too. She is multimedia artist.  For more information Visit Her Web Site

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